Used Cars for Sale in Ballwin: Under $20k

Check Out Our Bargain Used Cars Under $15,000 (They Only Look Expensive)

You might be amazed at the great appearance, quality and capability of our used cars filtered for under $15,000 at Dean Team Hyundai in Ballwin, MO. Be prepared: The prices are under $15,000, but these vehicles look more expensive. Nothing wrong with getting some extra value, right? Our bargain used inventory typically includes cars, trucks and SUVs from well-known, popular brands like Honda, Ford, Chevy, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, and even luxury models like Lexus.

If You Like New Cars, You Might Like Our Bargain Used Cars Even More

Some of the best deals you might ever find are the affordable used cars for sale at Dean Team Hyundai in Ballwin, MO. Compared to buying new, the same model from our "Bargain" inventory could save you a lot. As you know, a big part of the new-car price comes from the word "new." The moment a new vehicle drives off a dealer's lot, it can lose up to 25% of its value. When you buy the right model from our used cars under $15,000, you avoid that big drop. You can often get a nice-looking, quality used car for thousands less than a similar new car.

But Why Buy Used Cars When You Really Want New?

There are lots of reasons to consider a clean "Used Car Bargain Under $15,000" and many of them start with dollars and cents. Sure, it's fun to shop for a new car, but it may not fit your budget. That's when you might try to settle for more of an entry-level model. What about all those nice features you wanted? You might have to trim back to make everything more affordable and soon, you're driving back to St. Louis or Fenton, MO with less than you wanted.

Have Your Cake and Eat It with a Bargain Used Car from Our Ballwin Dealership

When you buy a clean "Under $15,000 Bargain" used car from our St. Louis area dealership, you can get the best of both worlds. As you'll see, our used car bargains still look great. Buy the right model and you can still get many of the nice features you wanted, all at a more affordable price.

Save On Car Insurance and Maybe Even Repairs

The lower price of a used car bargain under $15,000 can lower your car insurance instantly, simply because your vehicle price is less than a comparable new model, and that's what reduces your insurance cost. The same goes for registration fees and sales tax. Maintenance and service might even be lower, since brand-new cars often have the latest technology that can cost more to repair.

Car Financing on Your Terms

At Dean Team Hyundai in Ballwin, MO, you'll find a team ready to help you at every stage, including used car financing. We have great relationships with outstanding local lenders, so whatever your financial goals are, our finance experts can help you find a plan that fits. You'll also find that our Dean Team Service Center is there to help you long after the sale, with factory-trained technicians and high-quality parts to keep your car running longer. Those are advantages you don't get if you buy a used vehicle from a private party.

Find Out How Much Car You Can Buy for Under $15,000 at Dean Team Hyundai

Get more for your money: Shop our used car specials for additional savings on a used car from our Ballwin dealership. Browse Our featured used cars or our used car bargains under $15,000, and after you've found a vehicle you really like, schedule an appointment to see it in person. Drive in from nearby St Charles or Hazelwood, MO and test drive one of our attractive, affordable used car bargains at Dean Team Hyundai in Ballwin, MO.